Natoora Baby Beetroots
farming ethosOrganically grown
Seed TYPEHybrid
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These young, gnarly looking roots are tender, earthy and sweet.


The baby vegetables we source from Good Earth Growers in Cornwall are the perfect example of how growing practices can profoundly impact on the final flavour.

They are organically grown in fields that are cared for by rotating the crops and using natural fertilisers. The vegetables are given minimal water and are left to grow slowly and naturally, without rushing the process and without using pesticides. They are harvested when they reach the desired size, for a tender texture and intense flavour.

We receive their produce the day after it has been harvested, for consistent, incredible freshness.

‘Growing and caring for the land is one of the most revolutionary things you can do.’ SEAN O'NEILL, GOOD EARTH GROWERS