Spanish Avocado
farming ethosMinimum intervention
Flavour ProfileOil-rich, dense flesh
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Industrially grown avocados reach the UK through amalgamated distribution channels from south and central America. Ripening in the artificially engineered conditions of transit, it can take up to five weeks for shipments to arrive.

We source Spanish avocados right from the beginning of their season, direct from small-scale producers outside Cadiz. Their farms lie in 100 year old citrus grove, just at the break between the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. Here, mild coastal winters create the ideal growing conditions for avocados, with sufficient rainfall to irrigate the orchards throughout the winter. Excess water is sold to the city of Malaga.

Over the years our growers have gradually built up their orchards using clonal rootstocks, which can be up to four times more expensive than the industrially-favoured varieties, with a smaller yield. However the quality of fruit these trees produce is a class apart. Drawing more calcium from the soil, our growers’ trees produce fruit with a richer oil content and smaller stone.

Cultivated with minimum intervention, each avocado is individually measured for ripeness and handpicked at full maturity. With us in three days, we can trace each avocado back to a single grower.