• BRC Food

    BRC Food
    Member since 2017

    We hold BRC accreditation for the rigorous food safety standards we uphold at Natoora.

  • Society of Food Hygiene and Technology logo

    Society of food hygiene AND technology
    Member since 2012

    Natoora is a member Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT), an independent consortium of food industry specialists. The group keeps us advised on current hygiene and technology issues, and provides technical support and training.

  • Soil Association logo

    Member since 2015

    Natoora are member of the Soil Association, one of the most prestigious organic certifying bodies in the UK*. The certification assures the public about the quality of products labeled organic as the Soil Association’s standards are stricter than legal EU requirements and regulations on organic farming, animal welfare, pesticides and fertilizers.

    *Please note that only some of Natoora’s products are certified organic. However, we work with many farmers who choose to grow organically despite the fact they are not certified as such.